Getting Started with Fulfilled

Fulfilled is a system designed for coaches and trainers to create engaging products that their clients can access on their smartphones. The coach accesses the system through a dashboard using a desktop computer. The coach’s clients access courses, challenges, and private/community chat features through the Fulfilled app on their smartphone. The app is exclusive to the coach. In other words, once the client downloads and logs in to the Fulfilled app, they will only see their coach’s content, and no one else’s. 

By harnessing all the features Fulfilled has to offer, coaches are able to give a holistic experience to their clients which consists of: 

  • a course or challenge that includes daily lessons, tasks, questions to answer, and a community where they can engage with peers 
  • feedback from the coach through private message or via the community feed 
  • access to the features at any time through their smartphone 
The automation and curation that Fulfilled has incorporated into the design of the system means that coaches can spend minimal time managing their courses and clients, and focus on interacting with clients for maximal benefit. 

The dashboard is located at When a coach signs up for Fulfilled, they will create a username, password and app code. They can use these details to login to the dashboard on a desktop computer. 

Note: An app code is a short code that is unique to your business. It enables you and your clients to login to your exclusive space on the Fulfilled system.  

It is through the dashboard that the coach can: 

  • Create courses & challenges 
  • Manage their communities 
  • Chat via private message or with the community 
  • Monitor their clients’ progress and actions 
  • Track their sales and client numbers
  • Customise the look of their exclusive app which clients will use on their smartphones to access their content.

The Fulfilled App is available in both iPhone and Google stores. It is essential for the coach’s clients to download the app in order to access the coach’s content and interact with the coach and the community. 

When clients sign up for a course or challenge created by the coach, they will receive instructions in an email about how to download and create an account on the Fulfilled App. Once they login they will be taken through a short orientation. The app is simple enough that it requires little explanation. 

Clients will only see content created by their coach and no one else. 

The coach can also login to the app to view the content they have created for their clients. However, any modifications and interactions must be done through the desktop dashboard.

Coaches can customise certain features of the app such as the logo and colours so it better fits their brand. They will also be given an exclusive link containing instructions on how to download and login to the app. This link can be shared with clients to help them get on board. 

Courses & Challenges are the two main products that coaches can create through the Fulfilled system. 

  • Course  consists of daily lessons that automatically get pushed to the clients app, with a notification. They can start the course any time, and complete it at any time. It may or may not feature an associated community for peer learning and sharing, depending on the coach’s preference. 
  • Challenge –  a course that a group of clients do together. It has a set start date and end date, and is ideal for courses that require group interaction.

The dashboard offers a simple drag and drop course builder so that coaches don’t have to worry about design and can focus on inputting great content. 

To create a challenge, coaches must first create a course. 

TIP: A great way for coaches to get their first course up and running fast is to use content that they already have – such as slide decks or handouts for training – that they can adapt into self-learning, daily lessons. These can incorporate questions and feedback through chat and/or peer learning elements through the community chat.

Community is one of the most valuable features that coaches can offer through the Fulfilled experience. It is a feed in the Fulfilled app where clients can share posts, like and comment, and interact with posts from the coach. It is a tool for peer support and learning which can help clients feel a sense of belonging, and motivation. It is a safe, private space. 

Every client that the coach onboards to the Fulfilled app is considered to be part of their Tribe. The coach can then offer the Tribe access to different communities. 

  • General Community feed – This is a community of all users that join the coach’s Fulfilled App.
  • Course or Challenge Community feedThis is a community of clients who are doing a specific course or challenge. 
In the Fulfilled App clients can access their communities through the Tribe button. 

Coaches are able to interact with all of their communities through the dashboard in the To Do section which is designed for speed and efficiency. 

The To Do list is a powerful and efficient way for coaches to engage with and track the progress of their tribe. With just a few clicks they’ll be able to see their clients’ progress in courses, give feedback on questions posed in course lessons and interact with posts in the community feeds.

The To Do list works like a curated feed. Every day coaches will see a list of items that they can action. Each item is marked with one of the following labels and offers a list of response options for the coach:  

  • Post – a client has posted in a community feed  
  • Q&A – a client has answered a question posed in a course lesson
  • Comment – a client has commented on a post in a community 
  • Complete – a client has completed a course or challenge
  • Inactive – a client has been inactive for a period of time 

Coaches are able to respond by sharing to a community feed, sending a private or community note, liking, commenting or skipping the item. 

TIP: Setting aside a short amount of time on a regular basis to complete the items on the list is a great way to stay on top of everything happening with the coaches tribe within the Fulfilled app. 


Once coaches have created their course or lesson they have access to tools and information to help coaches get clients. 

Landing page: Every course or challenge comes with an in-built landing page. As coaches are taken through the course building process, they will be asked to provide information to populate the landing page. It can feature videos, explanations of what the course offers, a profile of the coach, testimonials and other information. 

Registration and Payment: The landing page is also where clients will register and pay for the course. Once they register, Fulfilled will send a set of automated emails on behalf of the coach that will steward clients through the process of downloading and creating an account on the Fulfilled App and finding the course in the app. (In the Fulfilled dashboard coaches will be prompted to setup their Stripe account to enable payment transactions.) 

Automated emails: Fulfilled has an in-built system for sending emails to clients so that the coach doesn’t have to do any admin when they launch a course or challenge. Coaches are able to write the emails in their own words during the course or challenge setup. 

TIP: It’s up to the coach to market their courses, which could consist of sharing the landing page link in as many places as possible – through social media, messaging apps, newsletters, emails and more. Like any new service offering, it takes a concerted and consistent effort. Fulfilled continues to offer tips and best practices on how to do this on its blog.  

Fulfilled gives coaches and trainers a new way to offer a holistic service that leverages the convenience and accessibility of smartphones. Products created using the Fulfilled framework can be used to reach new clients, rekindle relationships with old clients and retain current clients for longer.

The Course + Community + Coaching model that we like to call the 3Cs has many inherent benefits. Coaches can design experiences that: 

  • cater to a range of budgets – by varying the length of courses and the intensity of  private and community interactions
  • add value to  existing services – by designing “introductory” courses that prepare clients for in-person training or workshops, or offering follow-up courses to extend the learnings and practices 
  • assess client-coach fit – by creating “taster” courses that help clients to understand the benefits of your services 


Fulfilled enables coaches to offer personalised experiences that can generate a new stream of revenue, cater to many more clients than they currently serve and use their expertise to impact different types of clients all over the world.