Give your coaching and training an edge with next-level online experiences

When was the last time you conducted a hands-on group workshop, trained at the front of a crowded room or coached a client face-to-face in a cozy setting? 

After speaking with a number of coaches and trainers it’s evident that long-standing practices for delivering coaching and training may have been altered forever. Working remotely looks like it’s here to stay, and staying socially distanced is still a thing.

In fact, in 2020 nearly one in two coach practitioners experienced reduced income, and at least one in three had their coaching hours reduced according to the International Coaching Federation.

But it's not all bad news.

As we’ve learned to weather pandemic fallout, so too have coaches and trainers learned to leverage technologies like Zoom and video conferencing to continue to offer their services.  

And in fact, the world is hungry for more. 

Right before the pandemic hit the global personal development market was valued at USD 38 billion according to Grand View Research. In their 2019 report the company predicted that growth would continue, fuelled in part by a surge in people turning to online mediums for self improvement.

Well, we’ve moved online in a way those researchers would have never imagined!

So, how can coaches and trainers tap into the surge in self improvement?

It’s all about going beyond Zoom – a single touchpoint – and into the realm of experience – multiple touch points.

Imagine offering clients an online course to follow on their own, while getting personal check-ins from their coach through private messaging, and having access to peer support from a community of like-minded learners in an online group. 

Learning independently would give the client agency, while also feeling supported by their coach, and encouraged by their peers. In other words, a holistic learning experience that would boost the client’s chance of success and set the coach apart.

Imagine being able to offer all of that, in an efficient and simple way, that didn’t drain your time.

Explore a new way to coach and train online

Download our “Four Ways to go Beyond Zoom” checklist. It covers the steps you need to take and the tools you could use to create online learning experiences.

Four Ways To Go Beyond Zoom Checklist

You would essentially be offering a new way for people to improve themselves by creating a new avenue to do what you do best that results in a competitive advantage for your business and the ability to positively impact more lives.

As always, happy creating!

We’re on a mission to empower coaches and trainers with time-saving technologies to forge meaningful connections with people looking to improve their lives – whether through acquiring a new skill or learning more about themselves.

So, if you’re in the market for an easy way to build and deliver beautiful, impactful courses that come with time-saving tools to engage personally with your clients, manage admin and keep track of business, reach out to us!  Email: support [at] getfulfilled [dot] co